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Dr. Kathrin Niewiarra: “Corporate Compliance is a competitive advantage and contributes to the sustainable success of your company and to securing its existence. For this reason alone, it is a wise decision to understand and use compliance and its objectives of legal conformity, avoidance of liability, protection from reputational damage and value orientation as a strategic instrument. My expertise and the interdisciplinary expertise of my bleu&orange® Network will support you in anchoring and living Corporate Compliance as an integral part of your daily professional and corporate life.”
Dr. Kathrin J. Niewiarra

Dr. Kathrin J. Niewiarra is a German Lawyer and Attorney-at-Law (NY). After several years of legal practice in the USA and Germany as well as 13 years of senior management and board functions in corporations, she is pursuing her business idea of holistic Corporate Compliance consulting under her brand bleu&orange® since September 2012 – including 10 years as an Ombudswoman. She also acts as interim manager, moderator, speaker and advisory board member. She is part of the expert team of the “Qualified Supervisory Board” courses of Management Alliance GmbH (certified by Deutsche Börse AG).

Dr. Niewiarra is, among other things, active as an honorary Co-leader of the working group Compliance im Mittelstand des Deutschen Instituts für Compliance e.V. (DICO , (alternate) Member of the Steering Committee of the Alliance for Integrity as well as a Member of the German Ombudsman Association – Vereinigung deutscher Vertrauensanwälte e.V.

She is the Founder and Managing Director of the Compliance Channel, a Web-TV platform focusing on the combination of high-class professional content and multimedia features in the area of Ethics and Compliance, which has been available on all internet-enabled devices since September 2015. She is also Co-Founder and Partner of ESG Powerhouse, a competence hub for sustainability that takes a holistic view of economic, environmental and social challenges and with this approach is a partner and catalyst for sustainable strategies in SMEs.

Her current book “Balanceakt Compliance. Recht und Gesetz sind nicht genug, ein interdisziplinärer Leitfaden für Entscheider” was published by FAZ Buch.

Nicole Meißner is a German Lawyer and holds a Master of Business Administration (UK, Henley Management College). During her many years in senior management in the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries, she has gained experience not only in the legal field but also in strategic and operational areas. Through her activities in international management committees and her supervisory board mandate, she is accustomed to seeing issues in an interdisciplinary context. She has been engaged as a negotiator in major projects both in industry and with partners of the public sector. Since 2018, in addition to her work as a lawyer, she has been advising companies on Compliance and Risk and Crisis Management.

Since the beginning of 2023, she is working as external cooperation partner (Of Counsel) with bleu&orange® and acts as an Ombudswoman for medium-sized companies.

Ms. Meißner is volunteering for the promotion of women in management positions since 2003.

Kerstin Euhus holds a degree in process engineering. She has worked for many years in strategic management and leadership positions in the medium-sized energy and utilities industry.

She was Chief Compliance Officer at Berliner Wasserbetriebe for over 12 years and headed the Compliance Management department. In this role, she was also responsible for the quality management system and was the company’s human rights officer.

Since August 2023, Kerstin Euhus has been working independently as a management consultant and can thus pass on her accumulated expertise – since November 2023 also as a cooperation partner of bleu&orange®.

Kerstin Euhus is a founding member of Deutsches Institut für Compliance e.V. (DICO) and was an honorary member of the board for 11 years. Since 2012, she has also been active as co-head of the working group Compliance im Mittelstand of DICO.

Kerstin Euhus

– bleu&orange® EXPERT NETWORK –

bleu&orange governance

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Integrated Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (iGRC): iGRC projects, training and coaching combined with organizational consulting.

Compliance Channel E&CW UG

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The Compliance Channel is a unique Web-TV platform which is focusing on the combination of high-class professional content and multimedia features in the area of Ethics and Compliance.

Compliance. Concerns. Aid.

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Compliance. Concern. Aid. – powered by bleu&orange®: Our internet-baased whistleblowing system adapted to your company – combined with legal expertise.

Dorette Segschneider

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Compliance and Coaching: Legal and operational expertise paired with Executive Coaching.

Elke Schaefer Rechtsanwälte

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Cooperation for the operation of ombudsman offices and electronic whistleblower systems.


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Cooperation for the operation of ombudsman offices and electronic whistleblower systems.

Management Alliance GmbH

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Member of the expert team of the courses “Qualified Supervisory Board” of Management Alliance GmbH (certified by Deutsche Börse AG) as well as the governance programs.

Mauer Unternehmensberatung GmbH

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Cooperation: Risk management with the interface to auditing.
Dr. Kathrin J. Niewiarra:

“Existing in the economic system with integrity and sustainability – knowledge of Corporate Compliance provides the indispensable foundation and people, their intrinsic motivation and value orientation determine success.”